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Roy, англоязычный репетитор школы Skyeng

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  • Страна: Великобритания
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My name is Roy. I am from England. I was born in Singapore and moved all around Asia during my childhood due to my father being a helicopter pilot. I have lived in Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, Maldives, Nepal to name a few. In my early 20s, I joined the British Army and lived in the UK and moved to Canada to study to be a pilot in my late 20s.

Even after getting my pilots license, I decided to continue teaching English. While studying to be a pilot, I started teaching my fellow classmates from abroad English and realized my love for teaching. In my 30s, I moved back and forth Asia and Europe. I have lived in the Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, UK and Spain.

Due to extensive traveling and living in different countries, I love to learn about different cultures. I like helping people become more confident and fluent. My classes are fun and specialized to the student's needs; from general conversation to Business English, exam classes to intensive classes. I can teach both American and British English. I have had the opportunity to teach diverse group of people. I have a true passion for learning and I like to pass it to my students and learn something in return from them. I am able to adopt my teaching style to different situations. I have a very friendly and approachable manner at all times.

I love cooking, traveling, reading, outdoor activities, talking about history, aviation, bikes and movies. I would like to think I have a fun and easy going personality.

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