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Georgia, англоязычный преподаватель школы Skyeng

Все преподаватели
  • Стаж преподавания: более года
  • Страна: UK
  • Преподает
  • General English
  • Speaking English
  • Business English
  • Travel preparations
  • Интересы
  • Travelling
  • Writing
  • Skiing
  • Cooking
  • Reading

My name is Georgia and I’m a TEFL certified English teacher from the UK and I’m currently living in France.

I studied American Studies at university in Wales and I also studied in Tennessee in the US for a year. I decided to become a teacher because I love language and meeting new people from different countries. I’ve been working as an English teacher for just over one year and I’ve worked in Italy and France teaching as well as online. I like my lessons to be as fun and relaxed as possible while teaching the important grammar, vocabulary and principles. I want to make all my students feel confident in my classroom to share their opinions and not be afraid of making mistakes.

In my free time I like skiing, writing, cooking and reading.

To all learners, thank you for choosing to learn English! I look forward to teaching and getting to know you.

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