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Shelby, англоязычный преподаватель школы Skyeng

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  • Стаж преподавания: 4 года
  • Страна: USA
  • Преподает
  • General
  • Speaking
  • Интересы
  • Foreign Languages and Cultures
  • Ancient History
  • Adventure Travel
  • Animals and Animal Medicine
  • Outdoor Sports

My name is Shelby and I come from Wyoming and North Carolina in the United States. For the last four years, however, I have been living in Egypt and Bahrain.

I have a Bachelor's degree in International Relations and a Masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. Both are from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.

I decided to be an ESL teacher because I wanted to give more support to those students who were in an English speaking school, but had limited English proficiency. This eventually led to my desire to be engulfed by other cultures and languages, which is why I choose to live outside of the United States.

I’ve been a teacher for almost five years. My students range from Spanish speakers, to Chinese to Arabic speakers, ranging in age from five years old to adults preparing for university.

I am a kind and patient teacher because I also know how difficult it is learning a second and third language. If a student does not understand a concept I reteach that concept in as many different ways needed in order to gain comprehension.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you and learning about your culture through our conversations and dialogue in English!

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