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Adam, англоязычный преподаватель школы Skyeng

Все преподаватели
  • Стаж преподавания: 11 лет
  • Страна: UK/Canada
  • Преподает
  • General English
  • Speaking English
  • Business English
  • Travel preparations
  • Интересы
  • Travels
  • Sports
  • Intercultural communication
  • Photography
  • Technology
  • Business

My full name is Russell Adam Corner. I normally go by my middle name, which is Adam. So, please call me Adam.

I was brought up in England during the 1970s and 80s in quite a small, and very old  town in the centre of the country called Nantwich. I attended primary school and secondary school there and univeristy in nearby Crewe. I graduated from Crewe and Alsager College of Higher Education (now part of Manchester Metropolitain University) in 1993 with a BA honours degree in combined studies specialising in modern languages.

After graduation I decided to leave rainy old England and went to work on a summer camp in the United States near New York. I loved it! And ever since then I have loved the excitement of living somewhere new and different and have lived and worked in many different countries including Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Canada, Russia and the USA! As you can guess I really like to travel and experience new cultures. It was during this time I fell in love with the practical use of languages and decided that being an English teacher could be the job for me.

My first teaching position was at a high school in Thailand. I loved it straight away and have never really looked back. It's a journey which has taken me all over South East Asia, all over the Middle East, even to Siberia and I've loved every minute of it. It's a huge, fantastic, diverse world we live in and to be able to help people to learn English, which in turn will help them to explore the planet, is a pleasure and a privilege.

I like my lessons to be challenging, but still conducted in a relaxed, communicative and sociable way. It's much more interesting for me that way!

I have great deal of experience with teaching general and business English and also with examination preparation, in particular IELTS, TOIEC and TOEFL, all of which I have successfully prepared students for in the past.

In my free time I like to cycle, go to Toronto Blue Jays games, watch Liverpool football club on TV and BBQ by lake Ontario. I am also interested in movies, technology, general sports and of course travel of any kind. 

So, if you are interested in learning English with an Englishman from England in a relaxed, fun and communicative way that will get you the results you need, then sign up now and let's get started.

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